Business Advisory

The potential of an organisation is unleashed when it has clarity vision for the future, a plan to achieve Business Advisorythis vision, and the structure that facilitates high performance of the leadership group and the whole team.
MPA enhances the competitive edge of business’s by working with leaders to develop clear and articulate strategies for the future, operational plans to achieve these strategies, and by designing organisational structures and management systems that enables managers and teams to perform and by developing the skills of senior and operational leaders.
Our team has many years of experience at senior management and board level, has strong business and strategic planning skills and much experience at assisting businesses of all sizes develop robust and effective plans for the future.
We can help you identify the critical business drivers of your organisation and its environment – external and internal. We then work with you to develop a vision for the future, simply put –

Where do you want the business to be in 3-5 years?


  • Use best practice research, analytical and decision making tools to identify critical business drivers and a strategy for the future.
  • Utilise experienced business managers who have strong understanding of these theories and a significant experiential base to draw from.
  • Work with the shareholders, the senior management team and other critical stakeholders to develop strategies to align the culture, the goals, the processes and the structure to build business success.
  • Use a collaborative approach that builds a strong and committed partnership, ensures high levels of ownership of the final strategic plan and ensure significant skills transfers also take place.

Operational planning

Operational planning

Not only does our team have the experience to be able to help you develop business plans for the future, we are able to assist in turning the broad strategic plan into an effective annual or day to day operating plan designed to align your organisation for success. We will work with you to develop effective mid and short term plans that are consistent with the broader strategic plan in such areas as:

  • Organisational and operating structures.
  • Staff levels and skills.
  • Administrative issues and procedures.
  • Sales and marketing activities.
  • Production, logistics and supply.


  • Use a collaborative approach that builds a strong and committed partnership with the leadership team
  • Review the organisation for strengths on which to build.
  • Diagnose weaknesses and structural problems.
  • Use consultants who have hands-on senior management experience.
  • Offer solutions tailored for the specific needs of the business .

Case Study – Helping a Start Up

We are working with a start up in renewable energy with a specific brief to establish a business platform for exponential growth, with direct responsibility for administration, technical support, sales and marketing.

This has necessitated a considerable investment in research and development into products and systems, and wind energy in Australia.  Recently the organisation was recognised by the ATO for admittance into the Australian R&D Tax Incentive program.  The last few legal and electrical approvals are in the process of being obtained, and the organisation will be in the marketplace with a full suite of product offerings in the next 3 months.

Sales strategies, marketing concepts and marketing collateral are being finalised and the organisation is actively recruiting a national dealer network and key leadership and sales staff.

Case Study – Imagining the Future and Developing a Strategy to Achieve It

We are working with key participants in an industry that employs many thousands of people, has over 4 million people participating, and indirectly effects every road user in Australia.  We are currently working through an engagement exercise with key stakeholders which will result in an updating and restructuring of an industry peak body, and potentially creation of a sector peak body. This requires close liaison with the board, member and a number of external stakeholders, who have distinctly separate objectives, to try and find a common purpose that outweighs individual sectional biases.

We have worked with many of our clients to develop or to assist them in developing vision, mission, strategy and operational plans. We have undertaken considerable business advisory work involving strategy, change and culture with organisations including other peak bodies, educational, not for profit and commercial operations.

Case Study – Coaching and Advising Business Leaders

  • We develop long term relationships with our clients, where for example what started as a general manager coaching assignment now stretches into an 8 year mentoring relationship with a highly impactful CEO.
  • Through formal and informal relationships we have mentored and advised many people including for example a CEO wishing to exit a family company, and Executive Officer of an industry peak body, numerous HR and L&D professionals, and many business professionals as part of various leadership and business thinking programs.
  • We have also been involved with a variety of SME’s including family businesses and as an advisor to other small to medium  businesses, including exit of founders, M&A, sale of business and purchase of business advisory.