Why you need these Apps

There is no doubt that business thinking requires a high degree of flexibility.

Managers and leaders must be able to let go of the past as they grapple with new and complex issues they have not seen before.  They need to be flexible in their thinking styles, whilst robust in their processes.

They must be complex, forward looking, transparent and decisive all at the same time.  They must let go their preferred thinking styles and embrace an expanded thinking process and methodology.

They must use very flexible thinking styles and perspectives as the situation demands, and these Apps provide “When you need it” advice and guidance to achieve this.

Great Decisions Pro

An App that helps expand the way you think about business and facilitates new approaches to complex, non experiential problem solving and decision making using the Identify, Analyse, Decide, and Act steps.

 Great Work Behaviours

An App that helps you deal with a whole range of business, management, and leadership situations, including 17 key aspects of business life.